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Spray Roses Hot Pink

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Quick Overview:

Spray roses are composed of multiple small roses on the same stem. The hot pink spray rose is a little beauty that is ideal to use as floral cake d├ęcor. You can also use spray roses as floral hair accents or you can use them in centerpieces to have a multitude of roses featured in a mixed bouquet at a budget price. Spray roses are economical to use when you want to feature many roses without a large price tag. For added impact to your rose centerpieces, combine spray roses with garden roses and classic roses. Easy to work with and hardier than they look, you will be delighted by these small roses with the big impact.
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Flower Type: Roses – Spray rose or Mini Rose
Flower Color: Hot Pink
Number of Flowers per stem: 2 to 5
Flower Notes: Spray rose stems are 40, 50 or 60 cm tall and flower heads are 1.5-2 inches in diameter

How to care for your freshly-delivered Roses flowers:

-          Fill flower vases or containers with fresh water

-          Add flower food/floral preservative

-          Remove any leaves and thorns from the lower stems of the flowers as leaves submerged in water will decompose and dirty water is not good for the flowers

-          Cut off ¼ inch from the bottom of the stems on an angle before placing in water. The diagonal cut will produce more surface area on the submerged stems for more efficient water absorption

-          Your flowers should be kept in a cool, dark place. They should be allowed to rest for 4 to 6 hours in fresh water to take their drink. After re-hydration they need to be kept away from direct sunlight in a cool and dry (between 35 to 70oF) location.

The following are some tips so your roses flowers will stay fresh longer:

-          They will stay fresh longer if they are kept at lower temperatures

-           Flowers don’t like extreme conditions – they don’t like freezing temperatures or getting burned in sunny locations.

-          Sometimes flowers can be very thirsty, so regularly check that they have enough water

-          Recut the stems diagonally at the end of every day and change the water in the containers or vases, to keep the water fresh and free from being contaminated with bacteria. Bacteria will prevent the flowers from absorbing water. Cutting the stems will give the flowers a fresh surface for taking in water
- Note that some roses have guard petals. These are smaller, more shriveled and sometimes greenish petals on the outside of the rose that protect the inner petals. These should be removed before displaying the flowers so that the roses look their best.

If your flower order is intended for a special event such as a wedding, it is recommended that you get your flowers delivered 2-3 days ahead of the date of the event. If the wedding is on a Saturday, for example, your flowers should arrive on the Wednesday or Thursday before the event. This will give adequate time for them to rehydrate and open fully.

- We provide overnight delivery service through OnTrak or FedEx.
- Most deliveries arrive before 10:30 am but no later than 3:00 pm depending on the type of service available in your area. You may call OnTrak or FedEx to find out the guaranteed delivery time for your specific area.
- Available delivery days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
- You will get an automatically generated tracking number the day before your expected delivery date. You can track your package online through Tracking codes that start with a “D” means that you can track your package online through or you can call them directly at 1-800-334-5000.
- Please arrange for someone to be home as FedEx/OnTrak may require someone to sign the delivery receipt. If you miss your delivery for any reason, you may get in touch with FedEx at 1-800-GO-FEDEX or OnTrak at 1-800-334-5000 (with your tracking number), to get your delivery re-scheduled for a later time.
- You should double-check the accuracy of how you entered your shipping address. We are not responsible for problems that may result if you provided a wrong shipping address. If there are shipping redirects of changes, you will be charged an additional $10. In addition, changes may no longer be feasible if it is too near the delivery date, especially if a shipping tracking number has already been assigned to your flower order.

- is no longer responsible for packages once they are in the hands of the carrier. If the delivery is delayed, lost, stolen or damaged, please contact FedEx or OnTrak directly. Yes, we ship to all points of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii! An additional surcharge of $45 per box will be charged for these destinations, but please wait for the confirmation of your orders. We will also ship to Canada or Puerto Rico, if you will send an email to with the complete shipping address and flower order. One of our Customer Services Representatives will get in touch with you within 24 hours to confirm your total order price and shipping costs and details

There is a very small likelihood of our customers experiencing a problem with their flower deliveries. has already shipped flowers to more than 20,000 florists, event planners and brides successfully.  We have an extraordinary track record of giving our customers 99% satisfaction through the support of our growers and the experience and hard work of our associates. However, we understand the apprehension of people about ordering flowers online, especially if they are intended for your wedding.

We offer a 100% Wedding Flower Guarantee, so you need not worry!

  1. If your flowers get damaged for any reason, which is a very rare case as we make sure we pack them safely and securely, we can either ship fresh flowers to replace them overnight at no cost, or give you a full refund. Just let us know your choice.
  2. Substitution Bonus – If there are problems with the availability of the flowers you ordered due to natural causes or causes beyond our control, we will let you know as soon as possible and find you substitute flowers of a similar nature or colors that closely match the flowers you want. In addition, we will upgrade your flower selection at no extra cost or send you additional bonus flowers. Substitutions receive a FREE bonus in stems!

In the event that you are not happy with our options for substitution, you can cancel your order at any time to receive a full refund.  The contents of packages and prices are based on product availability and are subject to change depending on weather and market conditions. 


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