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The Ranunculus Flower Guarantee

There is a very small likelihood of our customers experiencing a problem with their flower deliveries. has already shipped flowers to more than 20,000 florists, event planners and brides successfully.  We have an extraordinary track record of giving our customers 99% satisfaction through the support of our growers and the experience and hard work of our associates. However, we understand the apprehension of people about ordering flowers online, especially if they are intended for your wedding.

We offer a 100% Wedding Flower Guarantee, so you need not worry!

  1. If your flowers get damaged for any reason, which is a very rare case as we make sure we pack them safely and securely, we can either ship fresh flowers to replace them overnight at no cost, or give you a full refund. Just let us know your choice
  2. Substitution Bonus – If there are problems with the availability of the flowers you ordered due to natural causes or causes beyond our control, we will let you know as soon as possible and find you substitute flowers of a similar nature or colors that closely match the flowers you want. In addition, we will upgrade your flower selection at no extra cost or send you additional bonus flowers. Substitutions receive a FREE bonus in stems!

In the event that you are not happy with either of the above options, you can always choose to just cancel your order and receive a full refund.  Contents of packages and prices are based on flower availability and are subject to change of weather and market conditions. 

What do I do if my flowers do indeed arrive damaged?

1) Immediately take a digital image of the damaged flowers and email it to us at:
2) Call us directly at 1-800-276-7959 to report your damaged flowers to us. We will arrange for a pickup for your damaged flowers.
3) Put your flowers in their original box, close the box and secure with tape and place it at your door so that FedEx can ship them back to us. This will allow us to see what went wrong with your delivery so that we can make sure it never happens again.
4) When you call us, you can choose to receive either a full refund or a new shipment flowers if you prefer. For either choice, we still need an emailed photo of the damage and a pickup of the flowers in order for quality control to issue new flowers or a reimbursement.

Here are the exact specifications of our 100% Guarantee:

Flowers are are living part of nature. Because of this, not each and every flower is uniform and some may not be 100% perfect. As an example, if you order white flowers, chances are that you will get flowers varying in color from white to ivory. Also, some of them may have very slight imperfections such as small spots or streaks or varying shapes of petals. As with all living things, flowers are not created exactly equal. Due to this, we cannot guarantee the exact size and shape of each bloom in your shipment. If you want a very specific size of flowers with an unwavering color tone, no variations and 100% free of any blemish, we suggest ordering silk flowers. Substitution Policy

For reasons such as poor climate, unusual weather conditions or natural disasters, it is a possibility that the flowers you have ordered maybecome unavailable for your scheduled delivery. We will let you know as far in advance as possible of your scheduled shipdate and may suggest an alternative flower type or a similar color match. In addition, we will compensate for the switch in your flower choice by sending a bonus flower upgrade at no extra cost to you. If you choose, you can also cancel the order completely, in which case we will reimburse you in full.