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Frequently Asked Questions about Ranunculus Flowers

How soon do I have to order flowers prior to a planned event?

  • Our products are fresh cut flowers harvested directly from our flower farms and green houses. In order for the flowers to be delivered in the desired freshness and bloom, please arrange the delivery of your orders 2 - 3 days before the event to allow sufficient time for re-hydration, preparation and arrangements. However, some flowers needing a longer time to bloom. Please check the recommended delivery date on each product page.

Do you guarantee the freshness of your flowers upon delivery?

  • Yes. Our flowers are meticulously packed in carefully designed boxes to preserve their quality during travel and guaranteeing the freshness of the flowers will be almost the same as it was when they were freshly cut from the field. These containers are designed to minimize movement that would otherwise result in bruising and damage of the flowers. 

Do you ship to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska or Canada?

  • Yes. Please feel to call us at (800) 276-7959. We would be happy to provide you with information regarding areas covered by our delivery services along with shipping costs.

What should I do if I find damaged flowers in my shipment?

  • We pride ourselves in delivering our goods in the best conditions. Damage to our flowers during shipment and delivery very rarely occurs due to our specially designed packaging and the care we observe during packing. However, in case of damaged or bruised flowers due to improper delivery and shipment, please call us within 4 hours of delivery at (800) 276-7959 and we will gladly replace them.

Do you accept sample orders before the actual event?

  • Yes. Sample orders are accepted if they conform to the minimum order we can ship. To maintain the quality of our flowers, we reserve the right to limit the minimum order that we ship, considering packaging and delivery, so as not to compromise the product. Each product page indicates the minimum order for shipping possible.

Do you have a product brochure?

  • No.  We do not have a printed product brochure, as this is our way of saving our environment.  Our products, however, are showcased and catalogued in our website and are updated regularly, in keeping with the seasons and the availability of new flowers.  

Is it possible to pick up my order from your office?

  • No.  Unfortunately we can not offer personal pick-ups of orders from our branch offices.  We send our flowers to the intended recipients directly from the flower farms and greenhouses.  This guarantees maximum freshness and quality.  Our offices in California serve only accept and process orders over the internet for shipment and delivery.